Release Notes - Moodle - Version 3.5.7 - HTML format


  • [MDL-58315] - Boost theme ignores HTML block custom classes
  • [MDL-60347] - SMTP debugging can only provide verbose output (regardless of debugging output level)
  • [MDL-61038] - uncaught exception: Call to undefined function uuid_make()in file: lib/setuplib.php line 618
  • [MDL-64511] - Privacy index.html fails if module has a # in the name
  • [MDL-65249] - Redis: exception being silenced after connection retries
  • [MDL-65387] - The formats choose pulldown for list download types is not styled.
  • [MDL-65581] - Hidden blocks can not be unhidden
  • [MDL-65636] - Multi-lang filter does not have any unit tests!
  • [MDL-65697] - Missing include for 'qtype_missingtype'


  • [MDL-60088] - Pin the travis docker image for stables
  • [MDL-60978] - Fix Redis session tests
  • [MDL-64614] - Decide Moodle 3.8 requirements and push them to environment.xml (due date: 2019-06-10)


  • [MDL-65576] - Problem C: mod_scorm: Invalid coursemoduleid

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