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  • [CONTRIB-680] - No Grade questionnaire still shows up in the gradebook.
  • [CONTRIB-1792] - print questionnaire triggers error in 2.0
  • [CONTRIB-2624] - Impossible to add images or other media to questionnaire instances
  • [CONTRIB-2635] - Help content missing from "All Responses"
  • [CONTRIB-2653] - Cannot create new questionnaire
  • [CONTRIB-2654] - When viewing responses, error message
  • [CONTRIB-2672] - unclosed div tags caused display problems with Magazine theme
  • [CONTRIB-2716] - Deprecation warning when installing
  • [CONTRIB-2797] - View all responses for questionnaire configured for visible groups causes SQL errors
  • [CONTRIB-2799] - Notice errors when previewing a template survey from create questionnaire screen
  • [CONTRIB-2942] - Error Reading from Database
  • [CONTRIB-2972] - Can't dump settings
  • [CONTRIB-2975] - Drag and drop appears to move topic body independantly of heading
  • [CONTRIB-3148] - Fatal error with Moodle Flavours plugin and imsenterprise/settings.php
  • [CONTRIB-3162] - The index view logic is problematic, hiddening valid questionnaires and allowing view of templates.
  • [CONTRIB-3182] - radiobutton other clause is broken.
  • [CONTRIB-3184] - viewallgroups capability not set correctly
  • [CONTRIB-3189] - Text doesn't hide in IE8
  • [CONTRIB-3193] - Legend tag does not wrap question text in questionnaire module
  • [CONTRIB-3252] - Max Length of Question name not set
  • [CONTRIB-3274] - typos in strings for fr, de, it and es
  • [CONTRIB-3281] - unwanted new line in long responses text
  • [CONTRIB-3332] - After installing Grid Format I can no longer delete courses.
  • [CONTRIB-3430] - Using absenting function hotpot_charcode_to_utf8 in question/format/hotpot/format.php
  • [CONTRIB-3495] - Grid course format screws up something and makes it unable to delete a course
  • [CONTRIB-3508] - Pcast module always uses course maxbytes for all uploads
  • [CONTRIB-3509] - Pcast scale used anywhere has incorrect parameter passed
  • [CONTRIB-3511] - Backing up a course containing the Pcast module will result in the backup failing
  • [CONTRIB-3551] - qtype_varnumericset qtype_varnumeric: negative numbers are marked incorrectly
  • [CONTRIB-3578] - missing semi colon blank screening Moodle
  • [CONTRIB-3620] - Cannot require a CSS file after <head> has been printed
  • [CONTRIB-3625] - Sorry, but you do not currently have permissions to update calendar event erro ehn upgrading mod_hotpot
  • [CONTRIB-3661] - Displaying date fields incorrectly
  • [CONTRIB-3666] - hotpot does not define mod/hotpot:addinstance
  • [CONTRIB-3684] - Plugin "mod_calculatedobjects" is defective or outdated, can not continue, sorry.
  • [CONTRIB-3746] - DB field exitgrade added via upgrade.php but not present in XMLDB file

New Feature

  • [CONTRIB-2200] - Rate question :: restrict number of scale items in "no duplicate choices" question type
  • [CONTRIB-3044] - Questionnaire 1.9 restore in 2.1
  • [CONTRIB-3190] - Add toggle all to help with editing.
  • [CONTRIB-3656] - Allow restore of journal instances when restoring 1.9 backups



  • [CONTRIB-1130] - change showhide settings to use separate table
  • [CONTRIB-1285] - separate config code into a class in another file
  • [CONTRIB-1438] - META: Proper documentation and coding style needed throughout
  • [CONTRIB-1469] - Updated Quick find list block to 2.0 APIs
  • [CONTRIB-1710] - Have certificates sent automatically upon conditional completion
  • [CONTRIB-1745] - Use the destroy() method for the collapse and refresh function
  • [CONTRIB-1978] - Russian Lang file for quick find user list
  • [CONTRIB-2141] - use PHP get class to avoid passing HTMLlis or ajax flags about the place
  • [CONTRIB-2273] - make anonymous questionnaire more "anonymous"
  • [CONTRIB-2791] - Add language strings


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