Release Notes - Moodle - Version 1.6.6 - HTML format


  • [MDL-4912] - /docs folder needs to be reviewed and files removed
  • [MDL-5262] - PHP notice when sorting on R% coloumn in the Item analysis report
  • [MDL-5956] - race condition in calendar
  • [MDL-5980] - Backup broken on initial installation
  • [MDL-6017] - missing lang string on restore
  • [MDL-6269] - Question grades are not recorded properly when Build on attempts feature is enabled
  • [MDL-6701] - "Course Module ID incorrect" error on any Administration operation
  • [MDL-8305] - top buttons misplaced using themes standardred, standardgreen, wood and others
  • [MDL-8614] - Blog - keywords: - when switched on, error message appears
  • [MDL-8865] - unable to post in forums after upgrade to php 5.2.1
  • [MDL-8958] - quiz problem with build on last attempt and random questions
  • [MDL-8990] - regrade not considering responses given on last attempt
  • [MDL-9059] - When teacher creates Group event on calendar, they cannot see it
  • [MDL-9147] - Fix tidy filter behaviour
  • [MDL-9192] - Chameleon theme lacks "dimmed" class; therefore, hidden resources appear not dimmed.
  • [MDL-9193] - Text Resource display issue
  • [MDL-9194] - lang\en_utf8\lams.php has bad line endings should be UNIX LF
  • [MDL-9204] - uploaded assignment files not visible to teacher on grading page
  • [MDL-9316] - Problems upgrading quizzes in sites with orphan question categories
  • [MDL-9350] - apache_child_terminate disabled but still being called
  • [MDL-9375] - Each attempt builds on last with multi-page quizzes gives the wrong score on the second and later attempts
  • [MDL-9704] - editing teacher loose ability to edit course events
  • [MDL-9836] - / SSL Config Bug prevents display of options from enrol/authorize/enrol.php
  • [MDL-10276] - Text cleaning trouble
  • [MDL-10341] - user search XSS
  • [MDL-10402] - Main glossaries can be updated by "students"
  • [MDL-10905] - Backup misses files if a directory name evaluates to false (eg. "0")
  • [MDL-10970] - Something in get_string() prevents other languages to work...
  • [MDL-11081] - Course restore doesn't restore students' quiz results correctly and the restore function also breaks OTHER course areas quizzes!
  • [MDL-11211] - Deletion of a course with published questions destroys quizzes in other courses that have used those questions.
  • [MDL-11743] - install.php does not recognize UTF8 unicode setup and stops under DB Checker
  • [MDL-12023] - Fixes for upgrade issues (from 1.6 to 1.8 on Postgres 8.1)
  • [MDL-12793] - PARAM_HOST incorrect cleaning
  • [MDL-15035] - Wrong message displayed when not part of a group and trying to view participants with course set to separate groups.


  • [MDL-9750] - Add a CSS class to every page with the current language
  • [MDL-11671] - Character Set misreported on shared hosting


  • [MDL-11676] - Skip block links are broken in Internet Explorer

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