Release Notes - Moodle - Version 1.7.4 - HTML format


  • [MDL-5262] - PHP notice when sorting on R% coloumn in the Item analysis report
  • [MDL-5956] - race condition in calendar
  • [MDL-7360] - Create DDL functions documentation
  • [MDL-8853] - Forcing language to en_us at course level breaks links to help files
  • [MDL-9059] - When teacher creates Group event on calendar, they cannot see it
  • [MDL-9074] - Installation problem prevents sessions being implemented via the database
  • [MDL-9375] - Each attempt builds on last with multi-page quizzes gives the wrong score on the second and later attempts
  • [MDL-9593] - ORA error: Errors when restoring a zipped course
  • [MDL-9704] - editing teacher loose ability to edit course events
  • [MDL-10905] - Backup misses files if a directory name evaluates to false (eg. "0")
  • [MDL-11328] - Enrolment Database: missing value in form definition
  • [MDL-11429] - Oracle cursor leaks (was: Properly close all the recordsets used in code)
  • [MDL-11708] - Zero answers are not allowed in Matching questions
  • [MDL-11743] - install.php does not recognize UTF8 unicode setup and stops under DB Checker
  • [MDL-11753] - File version.php has still 1.7.2+ as human-friendly version name
  • [MDL-11824] - Literal asterisk (\*) in shortanswer question not handled correctly by get_correct_responses
  • [MDL-12023] - Fixes for upgrade issues (from 1.6 to 1.8 on Postgres 8.1)
  • [MDL-12542] - backup_todb not called on restore on date before it is inserted into mdl_user
  • [MDL-12635] - Manual grading report does not check capabilites
  • [MDL-12793] - PARAM_HOST incorrect cleaning
  • [MDL-12889] - Bad capability check in assignment recent activity
  • [MDL-15035] - Wrong message displayed when not part of a group and trying to view participants with course set to separate groups.


  • [MDL-11671] - Character Set misreported on shared hosting

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