Release Notes - Moodle - Version 1.6.7 - HTML format


  • [MDL-4218] - PHP fopen tests on URLS
  • [MDL-5482] - Restoring of user attempts in quiz module (attached solution)
  • [MDL-6194] - HTMLArea double backslashes
  • [MDL-6630] - Full screen HTML editor - table, row, cell properties can't be set
  • [MDL-8269] - cron runs at midnight regarless of setting
  • [MDL-8592] - HTML editor spell checker won't work on edit profile page referenced through https
  • [MDL-12158] - Warning: reset() [function.reset]: Passed variable is not an array or object in /var/www/moodle/lib/dmllib.php on line 376
  • [MDL-13110] - Manually grading random questions does not work
  • [MDL-13364] - Messaging emails sometimes look corrupted because subject line is multi-line
  • [MDL-13919] - Undefined variable in tablelib
  • [MDL-14750] - Multianswer questions get broken by backup and restore
  • [MDL-14797] - Error when moving a course to an empty category on Postgres
  • [MDL-14804] - question_list_instances is broken


  • [MDL-13060] - Need to create more "countries" in drop down menu
  • [MDL-13201] - Upgrade the Windows installers to use newer XAMPPLITE version


  • [MDL-12503] - The function generate_dataset_item() of calculated question type has a bug on loguniform option

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