The Help Sessions over the Teaching Recess will be:

10-12 Thursday 26th August

10-12 Thursday 2nd September

in Lab 6, R.G.18


A reminder that the CS Dept has standardised the process for applying for extensions. As linked on the paper outline, the process that we require everyone applying for an extension to go through is here:


two interesting talks:

Nerds in Crisis: Using technology to respond to disasters
Presenter/Speaker: Craig Nevill-Manning, Engineering Director of Google.org
Date: Thursday 26 August 2010 - Thursday 26 August 2010
Time: 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Location: Concert Chamber, Academy of Performing Arts

Craig is also giving a "Tech Talk" on Friday, which will be about Google search stuff:

"Search, Research, Show and Tell"

followed by pizza

I've been asked to pass this on:

Hi Folks,
 as we move toward the end of term, work ramps up and people need
to spend more time in the labs. So we’d like to remind you to
refresh your knowledge of the food policy in the labs – there are
notices around R_ground.

In recent days we’ve noticed people making some inappropriate choices.
Food is permitted in the labs, but the policy makes it clear this should
be non-messy snack food; and if you make a mess, you should clean up after

Keep in mind that anything that gets on your fingers will transfer to the
keys on the keyboards – and that residue will be left for the next person.
 For this reason food like chocolate which frequently needs to be licked
off fingers, or potato chips which are greasy, or fruit that drips juice
(which I’ve all seen in the past week) are inappropriate. Recent studies
have shown that the second filthiest (bacteriologically) items you’re
likely to come across are computer keyboards (supermarket trolley handles
come first). Please don’t add to the risk.

Hot food is not permitted in the labs at all. For those of you who bring
hot food in to eat at the foyer tables, please keep in mind you have a
choice of where to eat. The smell of that food is inflicted on staff who
are required to be in the area, and your fellow students who may be trying
to concentrate on their work. Sometimes that smell gets into the labs too.

Snack food in the labs is fine (within the policy bounds – and noting the
above comments) – but if you need a meal, then take a break. I’ve noticed
sandwich munching going on in the lab, and that results in crumbs in the
keyboards! Remember that you’re choice of food can also affect the people
around you. (So peanuts are inappropriate on multiple levels).

Drinks are permitted, but only from re-sealable containers. Open cans are
undesirable as they get tipped over. Disposable cups (like coffee cups)
also have holes. We have had spills. Please note that the cleaner’s
contracts only requires the benches to be wiped down once a term. They’re
not paid to clean up spills – and don’t.

The cleaners generally vacuum and empty the bins. They won’t pick up any
debris you leave behind. That makes for an unsightly workplace. If you
have rubbish with you, please put it in the bin.

We expect you to be able to self-monitor your behaviour – so please be
professional . It will make life easier for all of us. Keep in mind that
anything you do has potential consequences, and food is only one aspect of

life in the labs. We all need to be considerate citizens.