No handler for question type Embedded answers (Cloze)
// question: 0 name: Switch category to $course$/Default for Questions $CATEGORY: $course$/Default for Questions // question: 14 name: Description ::Description::[html]

This is not actually a question - it's a description!

// question: 15 name: Essay with attachment ::Essay with attachment::[html]

Describe your favourite Moodle activity. You may attach an unlimited number of files to your response. The HTML editor has been disabled for the response text box.

{} // question: 16 name: Essay with html editor ::Essay with html editor::[html]

Describe your favourite Moodle feature in 5 lines.

{} // question: 17 name: Moodle activities ::Moodle activities::[html]

Match the activity to the description.

{ =

An activity supporting asynchronous discussions.

-> Forum =

A teacher asks a question and specifies a choice of multiple responses.

-> Choice =

A bank of record entries which participants can add to.

-> Database activity =

A collection of web pages that anyone can add to or edit.

-> Wiki ####

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} // question: 18 name: Cloze test Question type multianswer is not supported // question: 24 name: Blocks ::Blocks::[html]

Which of the following are standard blocks in Moodle?

{ ~%33.33333%Upcoming events#

Well done!

~%33.33333%Latest news#

Well spotted!

~%33.33333%Recent activity#


~My home#

Have you visited the QA Testing site recently?


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} // question: 25 name: Moodle user ::Moodle user::[html]

Anyone who uses Moodle is a ...

{ =%100%Moodler#


=%80%Moodle user#

Good, but there is a one word answer which is better!


Not quite!


Thanks for testing this short answer question.

} // question: 26 name: Moodle acronym ::Moodle acronym::[html]

Moodle is an acronym for Martin's Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment.


Not quite - it's actually Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment.


Well done!


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