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Remove unused lib/pear/XML/


      While doing a php lint across the codebase I noticed this:

      PHP Strict standards:  Redefining already defined constructor for class XML_Parser in ./lib/pear/XML/Parser.php on line 227
      PHP Deprecated:  Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated in ./lib/pear/XML/Parser.php on line 616

      Which lead me to the history of these files. They were added for Spike PHP Coverage - but no longer are needed, in fact back in 2010 Petr put a deprecated.txt there:

      commit db42bc5aaaa6af11b1d208a90393687280d26f26
      Author: Petr Skoda <skodak@moodle.org>
      Date:   Mon Jul 19 08:56:25 2010 +0000
          deprecation notice, use standard PHP libs instead
      commit 695933097930bc095f3c1e22d0437139582863d3
      Author: Andrew Davis <andrew@affinitysoftware.net>
      Date:   Wed Nov 18 06:05:10 2009 +0000
          all MDL-20821 Removed more deprecated functions
      commit 66f29dc2d17fabeeb035443edb6f5007da1e5e51
      Author: stronk7 <stronk7>
      Date:   Mon Jun 22 18:35:56 2009 +0000
          MDL-19579 code coverage - add PEAR/XML lib, required by Spike PHP Coverage. New BSD license.

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